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More Interesting Small Business Statistics

Source:  The SBA

Category # or %
# of small businesses in the U.S. 27,281,000
Small Businesses as a percentage of U.S. businesses 99.9%
# of small businesses that are home based 2%
# of small businesses that are franchises 52%
Small Businesses employ 65-80%



Small Business Survival Rate

Source: The SBA

Category % of U.S.
Overall Small Business annual turn over rate 10
# Small Businesses that survives 2 years 70
# Small Businesses that make it to 5 years 50
# Small Businesses that make it to 10 years 30
# Small Businesses that make it to 15 years 25



How Do Regulations Affect Small Businesses Compliance

Source: The SBA Office of Advocacy

The annual cost of federal regulations in the United States increased to more than $1.75 trillion in 2008.

As of 2008, small businesses face an annual regulatory cost of $10,585 per employee, which is 36 percent higher than the regulatory cost facing large firms (defined as firms with 500 or more employees)



Top Industries For Small Businesses With 1-499 Employees Based on  2009 Survey That Was Published In 2012

Source:  The SBA Office of Advocacy


Total # of

Professional, Scientific and Technical services 761,700
Construction 700,000
Retail Trade 670,600
Other Services 660,400
Health Care & Social Assistance 625,900
Accomodations & Food Services 474,700
Admin., support, waste mgt., remed. svcs. 323,700
Wholesale Trade 319,000
Real Estate, Rental & Leasing 269,800
Finance & Insurance 242,400