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South Dakota
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CPI: 0.2% (Nov 2018) 
GDP Growth:   3.5% (3rd QTR 2018)
Bank Prime Interest Rate:   5.25%
Consumer Confidence:  135.7% (Nov 2018) 
Small Biz Confidence:  104.8% (Nov 2018) 
Avg Gas Price:  $2.39 













If you're self-employed it means that you're working for yourself (as a sole proprietor, partnership, independent contractor, S-corporation).  It also, mean that you have no employees.


As a self-employed entrepreneur you have certain obligations according to the IRS.  They include:


- You have to pay social security tax and Medicare tax. 


- You are also obligated to pay income tax.


- You have to pay Estimated taxes:  If you expect to owe $1,000 or more when you file your tax then you are obligated to pay estimated taxes (social security, Medicare and income).  You have to pay estimated taxes on a quarterly basis. []


- File Tax Report:  If your business generate a net income of $400 or more you have to file a tax report.


Visit the IRS Self-Employed website to get more details on self-employed.

There are different options for paying your Estimated taxes.  Use the links below that best suits your situation.

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