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19 Dec 2016


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Wyoming Internet Sales Tax Bill Being Conmsidered

The Wyoming legislature is considering a new bill that will require online retailers to collect sales tax on purchases made by Wyoming Residents.

Currently Wyoming law only requires online retailers to collect sales tax on Wyoming residents who make purchases if the online retailer have a presence in the state.  Presence means that the online retailer have a warehouse in the state; a store in the state; an office in the state; or

a sales representative in the state.

Currently if a Wyoming residence makes a purchase from an out of state vendor and did not pay a Sales tax (or under paid sales tax), they (the Wyoming resident) is responsible for paying the "Use Tax" to the state.  The Use tax is based on the county Sales tax rate in which the resident resides.

The new bill being considered will require out of state retailers to collect Sales taxes of Wyoming customers and pay it to the State, whether or not they have a physical presence in the state. 

Out of state retailers must collect and pay the Wyoming Sales tax if they meet these two requirements.


1.  The seller's gross revenue from the sale of tangible personal property, admissions or services delivered into this state exceeds one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) or


2.  The seller sold tangible personal property, admissions or services delivered into this state in two hundred (200) or more separate transactions.

The bill is making it's way through the 2017 legislature session.


Wyoming Remote Sales Tax Draft Bill
Wyoming Use Tax Guide

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