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19 Dec 2016


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Installing CCTV Cameras to Protect the Health & Safety of Employees in the Workplace

Protecting the workplace is not only a priority for the employees, but business owners and their representatives must be committed to doing everything that they can to protect the health and safety of their workers. Fortunately, the guidelines, rules and laws that have been established in countries all over the globe are assisting with these and other related initiatives. Some of which involve the use of the latest technologies in the workplace, including installing CCTV cameras and other security systems. Installing CCTV cameras is essential for many different reasons, so it is important for everyone to do their research well in advance in order to make sure these systems are used effectively.

That being said, here are some of the more common reasons for installing CCTV Solutions in strategic places in both small and large business facilities.

Protecting the Health of the Workers and CCTV System Surveillance

It’s not uncommon for employees to work in a wide variety of different hazardous work environments. From working with chemicals to produce products for the home and other sectors of society, to working in loud noisy environments that have the potential to damage workers hearing. There are many different types of work environments that can adversely affect a worker’s health over a period of time.

Though these types of environments have regulations that the workers and management must abide by, they may be broken for a number of different reasons. To prevent these situations from occurring, employers can get the assistance that is needed by using CCTV cameras to monitor both large and small operations.

By monitoring these operations, the employer can pinpoint problem areas that need to be fixed or changed completely before a worker is injured or an accident occurs. For instance, if workers are handling hazardous materials without the appropriate clothing and safety apparatus, these issues can be addressed right away instead of after damage has occurred.

Prevention of Theft and CCTV System Solutions

CCTV camera systems can be very beneficial to the workplace as a whole. Specifically, as it relates to the theft of the company’s products as well as the employee’s personal belongings. Since these cameras can be placed strategically around a business’ property, each area can be monitored for unwanted activities. Therefore, in cases where some workers may be tempted to steal the products that a company makes and distributes, these cameras can be a big deterrent in keeping these activities down and eliminating them completely.

From the front of the operation to the back outside properties, these cameras can keep a 24/7 surveillance to prevent these issues from happening. With the prevention of theft, the business can also benefit greatly from reducing any undue and unwanted extraordinary expenses that comes from items being stole.

Prevention of Violence and CCTV Solutions

In addition to using cameras to monitor the operation 24/7 for activities like theft, workers can also be safeguarded from other activities that will cause them bodily harm. For instance, in some companies, violence could be a potential problem, internally and externally. So, when these cameras are installed, the safety professionals in charge are also responsible for ensuring workers are safe at all times.

Since some workers may be disgruntled against management and their co-workers too, this type of activity can be minimised and completely avoided when people know that the cameras are present to record any incidents that can occur on the property.

CCTV are also very effective in recording incidents as they happen, which mean that any discrepancies in an employee or a management versions can easily be resolved when the tapes are actually played back at a later date.


Small and large business owners and their representatives have a duty to protect the health and safety of their employees in the workplace. So, putting the right kinds of policies and procedures in place is one of the first things that the owner and their representatives must do in order to ensure a safe working environment is available at all times.

Fortunately, the latest technologies and advancements in safety have afforded the owners and their employees the tools and equipment that’s needed to accomplish their goals and objectives. One of the more notable is the availability of CCTV systems, since they will allow the owner and other responsible parties to monitor the work environment for a wide variety of activities.

With these systems in place, the health of workers can be protected. Specifically, since the handling of hazardous chemicals and materials can be monitored for the appropriate safety measure in the workplace. It is also important for owners and their workers to know that these systems can be placed strategically in areas around the facility to keep theft and other associated activities down. When the plant is being monitored, it will also help to prevent violence in the workplace as well as ensure discrepancies in the disgruntled situations can be clarified.


By Simon Parker














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