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7 Jul 2016


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Small Businesses in Chicago Will Have to Provide Paid Sick Leave

The City of Chicago, IL has enacted a new ordnance that will require employers to give their employees paid sick leave.

Under this new ordnance any employee who works at least 80 hours for an employer within any 120-day period shall be eligible for paid sick leave.  Paid sick leave will begin to accrue on the 1st calendar day after the commencement of an employee’s employment.

An employee will accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked.  An employee can only accrue a total of 40 hours of paid sick leave annyally.

Employees will be allowed to carry over into the next year half of his or her unused accrued paid sick leave, up to a maximum of 20 hours.  If an Employer is subiect to the Family and Medical Leave Act (i.e. have 50 or more employees), each of the Employer's Covered Employees shall be allowed, at the end of his or her 12-month Paid Sick Leave accrual period, to carry over up to 40 hours of his or her unused accrued Paid Sick Leave, in addition to the (20 hours) carryover allowed under subsection 1-24-045(b)(5), to use exclusively for Family and Medical Leave Act eligible purposes.

Unless an applicable collective bargaining agreement provides otherwise. upon a Covered Employee's termination, resignation, retirement, or other separation from employment, his or her Employer is not reguired to provide financial or other reimbursement for unused Paid Sick eave.

Businesses that do not maintain a business facility within the geographic boundaries of the city and households that serve as the worksite for Domestic Workers are exempt from this ordnance.

Employers will are required to provide their employees with notification that they are eligible for paid sick leave under this ordnance.

This ordnance goes into effect July 1, 2017.


City of Chicago Paid Sick Leave Ordnance

By Bill Williams














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