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25 Feb 2013


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Small Businesses Are Not Very Positive - January 2013

The NFIB January 2013 Small Business Optimism Index Report shows that small businesses are still not bullish on the economy.  Even though the index rise by 0.9 percent, going from 88 percent in December 2012 to 88.9 percent in the month of January businesses are still very negative about their expectations for the economy to improve.

According to the report small businesses are negative in 6 out of 10 areas covered by the survey; their plans to increase inventories (-7%); expectation for the economy to improve (-30%); expectation for real sales to go higher(-1%); current inventory (-1%); credit conditions (-9%) and earnings trends (-26%).

Four areas that received positive increase were plans to increase employment (3%); plans to make capital outlays (21%); current job openings (18%); and now is a good time to expand (6%). 

The report also made these observations:

Sales: Sales trends remain overwhelmingly negative for small employers, with still more owners reporting declining sales than experiencing positive sales trends

Job Creation: Job creation was positive in January, but ever-so-slight. Overall, 11 percent of surveyed owners (unchanged) reported adding over the past few months, and nine percent reduced employment (down 4 points), seasonally adjusted. But the vast majority—the remaining 80 percent of owners—made no net change in employment.

Inventories: The pace of inventory reduction continued in January, with a net negative seven percent of all owners reporting growth in inventories (seasonally adjusted), 3 points better than December, but still more owners reducing stocks than adding to them.

Capital Spending: The frequency of reported capital outlays over the past six months rose 3 points to 55 percent. Of those making expenditures, 39 percent of owners reported spending on new equipment (up 3 points), 21 percent acquired vehicles (up 3 points), and 12 percent improved or expanded facilities (down 1 point). Five percent acquired new buildings or land for expansion (down 1 point) and 11 percent spent money for new fixtures and furniture (unchanged). Overall, there was no sign that capital spending might be returning to levels more consistent with past recovery periods.

NFIB January Small Business Optomism Index Report for January 2013

By Owen Daniels














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