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24 Sep 2012


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New Mexico Got Rid of Vendor Registration Fees

New Mexico State Purchasing Division has eliminated a vendor registration fee of $100 per year for any company seeking to do business with the state.  Since 1984 companies that want to do business with the state had to pay an annual fee of $100.  The vendor registration fund was an enterprise fund that generated $158,000 in Fiscal Year 2012. The action will be retroactive to July 1, meaning any company that paid the $100 fee for Fiscal Year 2013 will have the money returned.

In addition to the elimination of the annual vendor fee vendors will be able to self-register their companies, reducing input errors in the state database.  Also, the bid process will be more transparent, allowing all vendors to view solicitations.  Previously, those who hadnít paid the $100 fee saw only partial information and would need to request additional details from the State Purchasing Division.
The state also recently announced that it will be implementing a new e-procurement system to streamline the interaction of businesses with state government.  The paperless e-procurement system is expected to save $2.1

million over three years.  It will allow tracking of contract delivery and completion dates.

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