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10 Dec 2012


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Michigan May Become The 24tgh Right-To-Work State

Both houses in the Michigan state legislature passed a bill to make Michigan the 24th Right-To-Work state in the union.  The measure was passed in House Bill 4003, House Bill 4054 and Senate Bill 01116.  What this mean is that union dues would no longer be a requirement as a condition for employment.  The law will not apply to fire fighters and police unions.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce supports the legislation.  They believe that the passage of the legislation will help create and retain jobs and improve the state’s economic competitiveness.

The Michigan NFIB also supports the legislation.  They also believe that it will help small businesses.  They claim that law would mean that small businesses will no longer be forced to act as dues collectors for the unions that often work against their economic interest.  According to the Michigan NFIB “The law tilts heavily in favor of the union bosses at the expense of workers and their employers,” said Owens.  “It gives them the power to coerce workers into paying dues that they wouldn’t pay otherwise and it gives them incredible bargaining leverage that they wouldn’t have on an even playing field.”

House Bill 4003
House Bill 4054
Michigan Senate Bill 01116
State of Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Michigan NFIB

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