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Key Economic Indicators 
Item  Rate 
CPI: 0.1% (Jul 2017) 
GDP Growth:   2.6% (2ndQTR 2017)
Bank Prime Interest Rate:   4.25%
Consumer Confidence:  121.1% (Jul 2017) 
Small Biz Confidence:  105.2% (Jul 2017) 
Avg Gas Price:  $2.35 












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Who Can Form A Business

The following can incorporate a business.

-    One or more individual (U.S. or foreign residents)

-    An organization (Domestic or foreign)

-    Must be of legal age (18 years of age or older)

Unlike some countries (such as China) a foreign resident can for a business in the U.S. without sharing ownership with a U.S. citizen. 

An individual do not have to be a resident of the State in order to incorporate their business in that State.

Age Requirement For Forming A Business In The U.S.

Who can form a corporation varies from State to State.  Most state require that the Incorporator be at least 18 years of age, while other states have not established a minimum age limit.    States that did not specifically list a minimum age still require that the individual be of legal age (which is 18 years in most states).


Below are states that list their age requirement on their websites.

Age requirement by State:


# State Minimum age for Incorporators
1 Alabama 19
2 Alaska 18
3 Arizona Not listed
4 Arkansas 21
5 California Not listed
6 Colorado 18
7 Connecticut Not listed
8 Delaware Not listed
9 Florida Not listed
10 Georgia 18
11 Hawaii Not listed
12 Idaho Not listed
13 Illinois 18
14 Indiana Not listed
15 Iowa Not listed
16 Kansas Not listed
17 Kentucky Not listed
18 Louisiana Not listed
19 Maine Not listed
20 Maryland 18
21 Massachusetts Not listed
22 Michigan 18
23 Minnesota 18
24 Mississippi Not listed
25 Missouri 18
26 Montana Not listed
27 Nebraska Not listed
28 Nevada Not listed
29 New Hampshire 18
30 New Jersey Not listed
31 New Mexico Not listed
32 New York 18
33 North Carolina Not listed
34 North Dakota Not listed
35 Ohio Not listed
36 Oklahoma Not listed
37 Oregon 18
38 Pennsylvania 18
39 Rhode Island Not listed
40 South Carolina Not listed
41 South Dakota Not listed
42 Tennessee Not listed
43 Texas 18
44 Utah 18
45 Vermont Not listed
46 Virginia Not listed
47 Washington Not listed
48 West Virginia Not listed
49 Wisconsin Not listed
50 Wyoming Not listed







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