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 States With No Corporate Income Tax Rate
South Dakota
Key Economic Indicators 
Item  Rate 
CPI: 0.0% (Jun 2017) 
GDP Growth:   1.2% (1stQTR 2017)
Prime Interest Rate:   4.25%
Consumer Confidence:  118.9% (Jun 2017) 
Small Biz Confidence:  103.6% (Jun 2017) 
Avg Gas Price:  $2.25 












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Gadgets are essential for entrepreneurship.  There are some things every entrepreneur must have.  There are a number of gadgets available in the market today that would make the task of being an entrepreneur much easier...if only you  knew. 


These are the top 10 essential gadgets for entrepreneurs.


1.  Solar Paper:


Solar Paper is alight weight solar charger for mobile devices.  This is the lightest and thinnest solar charger on the market.  It is about the size of an iPhone 6 and can charge a device in 2.5 hours in the full sun.  It weights 120 grams and is only 1.5 millimeters thick.  Charging units can be added to provide larger charging capacity.  It can charge any mobile device.  It is being produce by Yolk.  This product will be on themarket soon.


See Video: 



2.  Portable Printers:

Portable printers is a good way to take the office on the road.  When you travel to do business and must have access to a printer, portable printers is the way to go.  There are some good choices for these devices.  They are light weight and small enough to fit into your carry on luggage.  However, they are not cheap.  The average price is around $240.00.  See a list of portable pritners.



3.  Neat Scanner:


The Neat scanner lets you scan receipts, invoices, and other documents.  It integrates with Quickbooks and other accounting software.  I makes the scanned documents searchable.  The app also lets you use the camera on your smartphone for on-the-go data organization.


4.  Tablet: 


Tablets offer the opportunity to do your work on the go with a light weight device.  Every entrepreneur should have a tablet.  Learn about the top 10 uses of a tablet.  See a list of the top 10 tablets: 


5.  Smartphone:


A smartphone is a must for everey entrepreneur.  Communication on the move is a must for the mobile entrepreneur.  Learn about the top 10 uses of the smartphone.  See a list of the top 10 smartphones: 


6.  Computer:


A computer is a must for every entrepreneur.  The computer lets perform complex tasks with relative ease.  The larger screen, computing power and access to more powerful software gives the computer an advantage over the smartphone or tablet.  Learn more about computers: 


7.  Office Printer:


Every business must have a printer to print documents such as invoices, memos, financial statements, etc.  Learn more about printers here: 



8.  Backup System:


A data backup system is essential to ensuring that in a disaster your business does not lose everything.  A data backup system ensures that there is a way to recover and continue to move the business forward when there is a disaster.


Seagate - Backup Plus 2TB External USB 3.0/2.0 Portable Hard Drive - Black


WD - Elements 1TB External USB 3.0/2.0 Portable Hard Drive - Black

AirPort Time Capsule - 2TB  (For Apple Computers)


Seagate - 1TB Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive - USB 3.0



9.  Safe:


Every small business need a safe to protect its important assets.  Don't leave your small business unprotected.  See a list of safes here:



10. DART - The world's smallest laptop charger:


Dart is a light weight, portable laptop charger.  Lighten the weight when you travel with this device.  Dart is compatible with most major PC laptops, and its 100-240V support means Dart can be used anywhere in the world. 


It is up to 4x smaller and lighter than today's 65W laptop chargers, and with a built-in USB port, Dart frees more space for the rest of your life.


Dartís 65W laptop + 2.1A USB port allow you to charge all your devices from a single outlet.







































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