Revocation of Executive Order 13673 (May 2017)

Deductions and Credits for Marijuana Businessess (May 2017)

IL Domestic Violence Training for Hairstylists (May 2017)

7 Types of Cyber Attacks Are Threatening Your Small Business Right Now

New Mexico enacts data breach notification Act

The new age of customer service...what do customers want
 States With No Corporate Income Tax Rate
South Dakota
Key Economic Indicators 
Item  Rate 
CPI: 0.3% (Mar 2017) 
GDP Growth:   1.2% (1st QTR 2017)
Prime Interest Rate:   4%
Consumer Confidence:  120.3% (Apr 2017) 
Small Biz Confidence:  104.5% (Apr 2017) 
Avg Gas Price:  $2.38 












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Acording to a study done by research firm comScore more than 100 million smartphone users are in the U.S. as of 2012. 48.6% of smartphone users use Android devices and 29.5% use Apple devices. According to the study 234 million American age 13 and older use mobile devices. According to Statista the number of smartphone users are expected to skyrocket between now and 2016 that number is expected to grow to over a 190 million or over 70 %. According to research done by Go-Gulf there are estimated to be over 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide.

According to eMarketer the number of tablet users in the U.S. will approach 89.5 million by 2014. The majority of those users are expected to be iPAD users.

Mobile devices in the hands of consumers are here to stay.  How can small businesses benefit from this trend.  The answer is BYOD.  BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device to work.







































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