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11 Apr 2016


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Oregon Agencies Can Collect Debt

If youíre a small business in the State of Oregon be sure to pay any judgments owed to the state. 

Oregon now has a new law (Oregon SB 468) which permits any state agency authorized to issue warrants to collect taxes and debts owed to the State of Oregon, or any county tax collector authorized to issue warrants to collect taxes and debts owed to the county, to garnish property of the debtor in possession, control or custody of a person other than the debtor.

If after filing of notice of appeal, an amount due to the Bureau of Labor and Industries is not paid within 30 days of the date the payment becomes due and no provisions have been made to secure the payment, a warrant may be issued.

But, donít worry.  No garnishments will take place without the personal delivery of the order or delivery by certified mail.

When a collection order is enforced not only will the amount owed have to be paid, but also any interest and any cost associated with the collection.

Oregon SB 468

By Bill Williams














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