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1 July 2011


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California Internet Sales Tax

California has joined , New York, Colorado, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Arkansas in establishing laws to tax Internet sales made through Affiliates from online retailers who do not have a presence in their state.  The total is now seven states that have such law.  For example, would have to collect state taxes from California residents based on sales generated by itís affiliates in California even though it has no physical presence there.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law on Wednesday, 22 June 2011. 

Affiliates are individuals or other businesses that have agreements with large retailers such as and, to get paid a percentage of the transaction when someone click on a link on their website that takes them to the large retailerís website to complete a purchasing transaction.

According to The State Board of Equalization has estimated there are 25,000 affiliates in California.  As theyíve done in other states where such laws were passed and other large online retailers are ending their relationships with affiliates in California.

You can find a copy of the California law at:   California Internet sales tax.

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